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Types of Bail Bonds

Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence is the most written type of bail bonds here. It's the bond we tend to write the most of. Las Vegas Police are given strict guidelines on when to arrest and that provides for little to no interpretation of the law as it's pretty much in black and white.

There is a mandatory 12 hour hold if you are arrested for domestic violence. It's what's referred to as a "cool off" period. No defendant charged with domestic violence will be release on his or her own recognances. This is commonly referred to as "OR'ed". Domestic violence bail is set as follows; $3000 first offence, $5000 second offence and $15,000 for a third offence. If bail is not posted you will most likely sit in jail for 3 months. Of course the cheaper way to get release is to use our bail bonds service which is only 15% of the bail amount.

If you're loved one is sitting in jail and you want him or her out, give us a call and they'll be out in a matter of hours.

Driving While Under The Influence/ Driving While Intoxicated

DUI OR DWI is a crime that has evolved over the years and has become a concern of society. The laws have become more extreme and the penalties have become more severe. The elements have changed as well such as the legal limit. It use to be .10 BAC (Blood Alcohol Content), but has changed to .08 BAC. This equals to about ONE drink per hour.

When you are pulled over by the police for DUI/DWI, you are immediately given a "Field Sobriety Test". This test unfortunately ranges a whole variety of different tests that the officer can choose from. There has been an effort to standardize the tests so that every cop uses the same, but there hasn't been any success. It is these tests that are the best defense in any DUI/DWI case. Speak to an attorney if you are ever arrested.

Bails for this offense start out around $2000.00. 2nd and 3rd offenses can increase that from $5000.00 t0 $50,000.00, depending who the judge is.

Even after the bail is posted, you will not be released until your BAC has dropped below the legal limit.


Burglary is another offense that has evolved over the years, especially here in Nevada. The elements of Burglary according to Common Law and Black's Law Dictionary, BURGLARY depicts an act of entering a home during the hours of darkness for the purpose of committing a crime. Nevada has expanded and changed the elements to include ANY dwelling and during ALL HOURS.

The problem with this is now if a young person shoplifts and commits a petty larceny (stealing) in a department store, they not only get charged with the theft, but also with Burglary, which is a FELONY.

This is often used as a TOOL for the prosecution to coerce a plea deal out of the defendant and is often dismissed if the defendant pleads guilty to a lesser charge.

Burglary is another bail that has increased substantially since the new bail schedules. It has gone from a $5000.00 bail to now a whopping $20.000.00.

Grand Larceny

Grand Larceny, or in other states, Grand Theft, is the stealing of items that total the amount in an excess of $250.00. Grand Larceny carries a penalty of One year or more in a Prison, however, being classified as a "Property Crime", it is most likely will carry a Probation sentence. The bail for Grand Larceny is now $20,000.00. This increased from $3000.00 just four months ago.